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Grace Camille Miller graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with an BFA and a major in Fashion Design.  She grew up in Berkeley, California and her practice is centered around a combination of fine art and fashion design. 

She focuses on creating captivating art that encourages strange combinations and propels her to explore new construction techniques in a thought-provoking manner.  She finds it exhilarating to work with rare objects and materials.  Her attention to detail, persistence, and creativity enhance her artwork.

Throughout her work she has explored an organic phenomena, a social understandings of appearance, and a culture swallowed by water. She investigated the natural process of filtration through mollusks, such as oysters.  She has challenged the concept of beauty by examining the grotesque, the blemished, or the imperfect. Her Spring 2018 thesis collection imagined Venice, Italy ten years from now completely submerged in water. Currently, she is working as design assistant for a new designer in LA. While also beginning a new collection that delves into the myth of β€œThe Three Graces.”