Grace Camille Miller grew up in Berkeley, California and her practice is centered around a combination of fine art and fashion design. She focuses on creating captivating art in a playful manner that encourages strange combinations and propels her to explore new construction techniques for design.  She finds it exhilarating to work with rare objects and materials in a playful and thought provoking manner. She continually pushes herself to be playful and challenge myself to create new methods for approaching textiles. Three qualities that enhance her artwork are her attention to detail, her persistence, and her creativity. Throughout her work she has challenged the concepts of beauty by examining the grotesque, the blemish, or the imperfect.  The continual assessment of female bodies throughout our culture has greatly affected her work.  Especially, in relation to the narrow beauty standards of mainstream society, that demand women to alter their bodies in order to achieve an unattainable perfection.